Thursday, April 5, 2012

National Poetry Month: Day Five


There is nothing particularly poetic
about the swarm of muffins
mixed and baked
and left to cool all over
the tiny kitchen table.

Nothing remarkable
about the flour on the floor and in
my hair or
blueberry stains
in the sink.

But let me
show you this -
one tiny yellow bird perched
on the window sill so close
I could see her breathing.


MaxDude said...

Absolutely poetic. :P
I can't stop being impressed with your amazing poetry skillz.

The Other Laura said...

Thank you, dear Max.

Anonymous said...

this is good, poking at the paradox of the art, that in "poeticizing" flour and muffin it becomes poetic, though there was a previous moment when these weren't poetic

Karen Jensen said...

Gorgeous. I feel at peace now.

Mrs. G. said...

Beautiful. I know this is hard for you but I feel like I've won a prize, so thank you!