Monday, April 9, 2012

National Poetry Month: Day Nine


I carry this
little cup of light
into my day
and it is hard
not to spill it
or have it snatched away
in line at the store.

It is hard
not to misplace,
set it down somewhere
and forget.

It is hard
to hold it
in the hustle and
hurry of the day.

It is hard
not to put it away
because I just
do not

I carry it
in both hands
as best I can.


MaxDude said...

Wonderful. I'm running out of cool adjectives to describe your poem. It's soothing and shows your literary skills. I love it.

Anonymous said...

damn, thats good---this is my favorite so far; its so laura, its about the value, the precious nature, of light and hope

Karen Jensen said...

Excellent! Love!

michiganme said...

This is my favorite too! MIME

Alexa said...

I want to paint this on the inside of my front door to remind me every day, as I'm heading out to face the world, to protect the little cup of light that so often gets lost in the shuffle. Love it!

The Other Laura said...

Hey, thanks, Alexa!