Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Taught Us

If you do not ask
you will never know.

Movement is easy.
Stillness is difficult.

Things will
be okay.

Stop again.

A lot of good
is possible.

Some things
never change.

A half-familiar tune
on the wind.



It is all still there
waiting for you.


Karen said...

Well, the previous poems comments are embarrassing--I really didn't mean to post that many times!


Some poems make think about structure, imagery, that sort of thing...other poems are pure content, what does it say? I was totally taken with what this one says (to me, at least).

"Movement is easy./Stillness is difficult." God, yes--having sat in front of the blank notepad time after time, wanting to bolt, but forcing myself to stay. And even when it begins to flow, feeling almost itchy, like I have to stop writing or I'll go crazy. Those two sentences say it all.

And the end--"It is all still there/waiting for you." I've been reading one of Julia Cameron's books ("Walking in the World" is the title, I think) and she writes that no matter how badly we neglect/abuse/misuse/ignore our creative dreams, they never go away. They can take all that, and still be there, waiting for when we're ready. Isn't that awesome to think? And that's a realization you seem to have made.

Beautiful poem.

Tazeen said...

i like your display pic of rainbow colored socks

The Other Laura said...

Thank you!