Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What They're Dreaming

Sometimes in the very early morning
when my lamp is reflected by dark windows
looking out on the still and silent street
I like to imagine what they’re dreaming.

The husband dreams long sequences
of DNA, the four magic letters
dancing in an endless loop that
ladders up to the sky and returns to earth
as musical notes, sometimes lyric, sometimes

The child dreams of cartoon battles.
Evil is conquered. The day is saved.
He’s hoisted onto a tower,
primary colored tiny interlocking bricks
and he climbs to the top and dives
to the crystal water below, swimming
and there is a hand reaching
to help him up and out.


Christy said...

Love it!! Especailly hand at the end.
Love ya babe,
Love ya like the wind,

Karen said...

This is beautiful--I've been sitting here for a while, just absorbing it, seeing the pictures in the words.