Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Not a single moment
to spare today
no slow walk
no quiet break
or glance out the window
or glimpse of the sun playing shadows on the blinds.

No time
for a second look
at the velvety red flowers
petunias bending
in the breeze
that blew right past me


Karen said...

If this is an example of "random word generator" poetry, I'd love to see some poems you consider decent. Maybe another link to other poems?

Laura said...

Karen, thanks so much for every one of your kind words. I do consider some of these decent - mostly I think they're probably pieces of a larger poem that probably won't take shape until April is over.

I don't have anything else online right now, most of what I've published has been in little magazines and I have published very little since The Kid was born.

This project has really inspired me to start sending things out again!